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ICT Security e Forensics

Corporation information security environment : 

  • Enterprise Risk Management - Risk Management : As per ISO 31000:2009 Standard.
  • Protection of information and communications (Information Security): Preparation of policies, procedures and technological safeguards to protect information including environmental protection factors.
  • Regulatory Compliance and business ethics (Compliance and Ethics Programs): Article. 6 of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, with reference to the force exemption of the Organizational, Management and Control for prevention of crime by Managers, employees or associates.
  • Business continuity planning: As per ISO 22399 Standard
  • Protection of the State Secrets: Companies wishing to operate in sectors involving the handling of classified information, or which involves the use of meeting special security measures and standards from UC SE which is the relevant Italian authority.
  • Design and supply of systems for the protection of communications: Project ,design and supply systems with encrypting communications technology. 
  • In the IT security sector we offer and support the following services:
  • Digital Forensics (Network & Computer Forensics)
  • Hard Disk Data recovery for damaged drives 
  • Consulting Services for ICT security including design, development of systems plus policies and procedures
  • Investigation of Computer issues and incidents as required for corporate IT security policy and protection.
  • Consultancy for Legal and technical matters
  • QA Policy Compliance and IT Security Plan 
  • Network & System Security - Plan and Control
  • Security Network Design
  • IT System Audit as per ISO 27001:2005, COBIT 5 standards & requirements
  • Protection of personal data in accordance with Privacy Law 196 of 30 June 2003. Code for protection of personal data and information.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Ethical Hacking: systems activities. Tests are carryout and designed to test the safety of a company's IT systems and infrastructure from cyber attacks.

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